No Comments on Photograph-ary

I am grudgingly starting to get the earrings I’ve made listed. This has requires me to attempt to find ways to get the earrings  positioned for best photographing, hence the little yellow triangles. It seems to be helping a bit, though I had to make a little one a bit flatter to get… well. Angles. Things. Fancy, ha ha.

I had a good work-work day, which is pleasing. The invoices I need to make real progress in a month were waiting for me to post in our program, so I did, and managed to get a start on getting things properly caught up. Tomorrow… we’ll see. I need to take a proper bath ’cause we’re peopling twice this weekend, and yanno, it’s courtesy to attempt vaguely passing normal in that regard.

Right, time to herd children into bed, and to think about trying to get a few more sets of earrings photographed and listed.


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