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We popped over to visit Z’s parents. It’s his mother’s birthday,  so we were taking cards and pressies. She seemed to like her gifts, which is yay; she’s hard to read sometimes. She then invited us to join her and Z’s father for a meal, which um, yes please. *chuckles* We all had a lovely meal, and the girls were super well-behaved, as always. We don’t take it for granted though — we all thanked them for it.

The weather has continued to be beastly today, and is supposed to continue in this vein until the weekend. I’m grateful that we have an a/c unit to take the edge off of things upstairs, because otherwise sleep would likely be impossible. We only run it on the worst of nights, and considering that it’s likely pushing 30C/86F, it’s well warranted. As for downstairs we have, knock on wood, not had to use the unit here yet. Z also made a point to close the front curtains before we went out, so between that and me having shut the back, the lounge is fairly pleasant to be in.

I’m not sure what I am doing with myself tonight. Z has a meeting, and the girls will shortly be in bed. I’ll probably watch the footie (World Cup, aww yiss), and poke at Skyrim. Maybe I’ll, le gasp, make things. I’ve got a feeling that the dangly earrings I made yesterday will be popular, so I need to buckle down and get a few sets of those made.



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