Easier, Of Course

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For the current pair of socks I am knitting, I finally had to suck it up and learn how to do short rows. I had tried my hand at it previously when I was fiddling with some stuff, but I couldn’t get my head around it. Thankfully, Bill Souza makes really good videos for left-handed people. It was done for continental knitting, but I could extrapolate well enough. The heel shaping is really pretty! It’s almost invisible on the left side, but not so much on the right side. That probably has to do with the decrease style rather than anything else. Next time perhaps I will do it as ssk rather than knit 2 together. We’ll see.

I’ve not really done a lot otherwise today besides said knitting, and Skyrim. I should probably make a point to do a few bits of jewellery for my fete stash, especially in the child-sized bracelet range. I’ve been dragging my tail a tiny bit because I’m still waiting for a resolution on the order that I only got part of. They replied back two days ago, but I haven’t heard back since I replied. I mean, come on, I just want the rest of my order. And I would prefer to not have to change supplies, because then my material costs go up. :/

But eh, whatever will be will be. For now, I am going to go back to the knitting, and thinking.


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