Ack, Mah Heart <3

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Today was the Village Fun day, so we popped down for a little bit. The girls rode the teacups, and the go-carts, and then we opted for an ice cream. Smalls had her own, but Littler got to a point where she was trying to feed it to all of us. It was a nice little trip out, outside of the fact that I made the mistake of wearing yellow, which attracted all the tiny flying bugs. Oh well. *chuckles*

Then Z’s best mate came over this afternoon, which was nice. We don’t see much of her, but that is the way of people from around these parts. We had a lovely chat and opined on ageing, as our conversation steered to not drinking and air conditioning. As usual, we made our promises that our next visit will be sooner rather than later… but we’ll see what actually happens when it happens, ha ha.

Right, back to a bit of sock knitting, and thinking about what I want to make for the fete.


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