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After some false starts (and then more false starts), I’m starting to make some good progress on joining up the ‘squares’. I’m currently attaching the 11th, which heeeey. Not bad. I’m thinking this is going to be joined up faster than I thought… then comes weaving in the five million ends. Blergh. But let’s be honest, that normally goes fairly quickly once I get stuck into it.

What will probably feel like it takes forever is going to be doing the gauge square for my next project. I’m doing me a pair of socks, and the gauge square is 32 stitches by 40 rows. I’ve got it on my tiny circulars right now, but I might move the gauge to straight needles because it’s a bit awkward as it is. Still, it’s nice to know what I’m doing next.

I guess that’s about it. The tea party went well, work went less well, and I’m on the whole exhausted. So I’m going to go over here and be exhausted while doing the knitty things.


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