Heh Heh, Pots

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When I first moved here, the divider between my in-law’s house and the neighbouring was roses, lots of roses. When the current occupants moved in, they eventually dug them up and replaced them with pictured potted trees. I found the shadows aesthetically pleasing as we pulled out to return home, so I figured I’d take a picture. You’re welcome, ha ha.

Today has been a mixture of pleasant and stressful. I wasn’t handling audio well this morning, so I had to keep asking the girls to quiet down to prevent an anxiety attack. My heart was starting to clench and freak out, and thankfully they quieted down enough for me to get the edge contained. Which yanno, was important to me, ’cause we had a tripped planned to wander around the supermarket and pick up a few bits, and I didn’t want to miss out. We aren’t a really active doing ALL THE THINGS on a weekend family, so I do my best to step up and not miss the little things that we do do. Outside of a very persistent headache that doesn’t want to shift, that went well, and has been mainly well since getting home. I’m doing my best to keep water going in because it’s hot and humid and crap. And since we’re still going on towards the longest day, the days are long indeed.

Right, I’m gonna go do other things now.


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