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I didn’t really have any photographic inspiration today, so you get a silly face. Dord!

Today has been a day of frustrating science for my beloved. After we bought Littler a copy of Minecraft, I received a message from a dear kitten offering me a code for another copy. As we were in the market for a fourth copy, we happily accepted it for Z. Z got it installed, booted it up… and then couldn’t connect to the girls’ game. I could on both my computers no problem, Smalls no problem… just his laptop. So he’s been off and on trying to figure out what the problem was, but nothing seems to be doing the trick as of yet. It’s kind of amusing because it’s not like he actually desires to play right now, but it’s an annoying problem, and those sort of things demand resolving.

The ‘Mini-Beast’ continues doing its thing outside. We’ve had a few flakes this afternoon, but most of what we got happened overnight. What’s the point of snow when I can’t see it fall? Hrmph. *chuckles* It’s supposed to warm up enough tomorrow that this will all be behind us again, and hopefully (‘hopefully’) until winter comes ’round again. Blah blah, usual we’ll see, blah blah.

I can’t think of anything else to add, so I’ll go back to watching the snow and gaming.


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