Morning Glory

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Even if it’s one of those ‘bad for you’ things, I have an energy drink every morning to force my crippled ass vaguely upright. My go-to one is virulently yellow, even in the can, and it caught my eye this morning… so I thought I’d share it. Mmm, lining my stomach with antifreeze or something, ha ha.

I’m proud of myself today, because I managed to avoid using a maladaptive relic from my childhood when talking to Z. We had planned to go out shopping today so that we could get some new shirts for the ever-growing, not so small Smallhausen. I woke up feeling very nope about it, so I came down and told Z that. I added that Littler could stay back with me, since I know how he feels about having to herd both of them without backup. Besides me not being passive aggressive and hoping he’d magically pick up on what I wanted him to pick up on, Littler was better off for staying back with me. Smalls and Z had a nice, quick trip, we had a nice chill at home, and everyone was happy on the whole.

They also brought back a present for Littler — a Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirt. She’s kind of developed a thing for Sonic; she knows more about the characters than I do. She is currently playing Sonic 2, and on the whole is impressing me with her self-developed gamer cred. xD

As for me and my gaming, I’m still in Diabloland. It’s the Darkening of Tristram anniversary event, so I am currently running a freshly rolled character through it (one of the achievements is to beat it with a freshly rolled character). It’s a tiny bit annoying because I’ve just liberated myself from the ‘need’ to fully explore a dungeon, but the achievements for this event require you to poke around a bit, so. It’s a 16 level dungeon and I’m about to go down into level 7, and each level is fairly modest in size, so it’s coming along.

Beyond that, I need to put my knitting in my lap so that I remember to do a few stitches… that’ll happen, right? xD


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