Oh No, Beta!

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This is, of course, a Simpsons reference. It’s been going through my head since Z told me yesterday that our new car was going to be a Ford B-Max. And lo, here it is. It’s not the best picture because it was dark by the time that we got home, but you get the idea. It’s a car, it has doors that do things, insert jazz hands here.

But yeah, the car retrieval thing made this a very long day. The upside is I got to spend a little bit of time with my in-laws, which is nice. My father-in-law annoyed me a bit by asking me points of question about American English and it’s like… dude, I’ve lived here for ten and a half years. There are very few points where I default to that dialect any more, so asking me if I say elevator or lift is counter productive because I can’t really answer it. I know that it’s just his love of language in the most casual of senses, but still. Come on. xD

I guess that’s about it. I’m looking forward to not having to go anywhere tomorrow.


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