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In spite of me being antsy and cranky last night, things were fine. I had a good night’s sleep, got up, and had a nice bath. Clean hair? Awww yiss.

IMG_20160803_113918078   Well, it wasn’t exactly perfect right off either. Myself, Z, and his mother all seem to have been having morning headaches the last couple of days. IMG_20160803_112405665I almost ditched on going for our first sandcastle-building expedition because of a headache. I managed to cram down some paracetamol and caffeine fast enough (and with the added blessing of borrowing my mother-in-law’s chair) that I thought I could manage.  Obviously, missing this was, to me, not an option — you only get one first time on the beach doing sandcastles with your kids, yanno? Mind, I stayed curled up in the chair, but I was happy to be there, and to occasionally swipe at sand with the kiddos from my perch.

We also made it down the arcade a time or two, unsurprisingly. Smallhausen won herself a claw machine prize fair and square, meaning that all three of us ‘big’ people have won ourselves one. She ended up with a plush R2-D2 like her father, and was a good sport in conceding that it was only fair that the Mooshroom was mine. I told her we could still share it though, but man… I love me some Mooshroom! Some day, I might even find one in the darn game…

IMG_20160803_182925718_HDR Now, we have been having dinner with my in-laws each night, which has been nice. My only family dinner complaint is that my father-in-law is a noisy eater, but our situation works out nicely for me to be far enough away to not hear him. *giggles* Smallhausen also took advantage of it this evening to finagle herself a night sleeping at ‘their’ house. We took advantage of being down to one kid to sneak in an extra ice cream, and, fingers crossed, the little one will go to sleep on her own and we can actually *le gasp* cuddle or something. We’ll see.

For now, gaming and zoning out.


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