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Dis is my angry face, rawr rawr rawr

So, my last post here was in April… dafuq, self. I have wanted to try to make this my public daily, to compliment my private dailies, but like… *waves hands in the air* I keep failing like woah. Part of it is that i don’t know where to shove doing this into my daily schedule; the other two are done first thing in the morning. I don’t want to have to do something that requires braining first thing in the morning, so doing this then is a no-go. So it’s a matter of saying that x time in the evening is for blogging…

Then of course, the next issue is — what do I blog about? I’ve already got my health and my hobbies covered, less writing… because I can’t decide if writing is a hobby, or me being a masochist. A part of me wants to use it to snark opinions, but like… I guess there’s a part of me that continues to worry that if I do, I’m going to have to deal with a lot of vitriolic abuse. As a spoonie, I don’t have a lot of resource to deal with people being asshats; this is where I was gonna put a drawing of an asshat, but apparently I’m not up to it right now ¬¬.

So I don’t know. Snark. Opinion. Trying to start this again. Go go masochism, but yanno, there’s nothing wrong with that either. I’ve got my Instagram for fluffy happy thinging.

So Um… Stuff?

There is so much I could have been opinionating about lately. There’s been more murders of black people in the States, and the murder of cops in my former hometown of Dallas. I’ve been glad to see a lot of friends using the happenings to point out you can be pro #blacklivesmatter, and be pro-cops-not-getting-killed too. Better if guns were actually regulated, but like that’s ever going to happen (sigh).

Here in the UK, we’ve had the idiocy of Brexit passing, and the government falling to shitty little pieces on both sides. One party is trying to force out their leader, who the public like and voted into the job, while the other is competing to see who could be the least nasty of a super-nasty bunch. We’ve got that answer at least — Theresa May will be taking over as Prime Minister on Wednesday. I’m bemused and annoyed that even though she was pro-Remain, she’s going to go along with Brexit anyways. At least on paper. I still sort of hope they put it to Parliament and it gets shot down, seeing as most MPs wanted nothing to do with it (and if a second referendum were held today, it would firmly be Remain).

At this point, I’m torn between let’s get this bullshit over with, and wondering if they’re going to put it off until after a general election. My husband thinks that they have to have a general election in the face of this leadership shuffle, and I am inclined to agree. I guess most people are, seeing how the reputedly common sentiment is that we the people want one, and the every five year law they passed in 2010 or 2011 can go eat itself. We’ll see, I guess. Eventually something will happen,and then other things will happen, and it’s just so freaking massive and out of my hands that I’m sort of like, shrug, fuck it, I’m going to go knit, let me know if something actually happens. Having said that, I think my anxiety has reduced slightly because the continuing non-stop speculation has finally pushed me to a point where I cannot be assed to keep up with the news. That’s special, yo — I love knowing what’s going on around the world.

Anyways, my brain is probably about to explode because I made myself do ALL THE BLOGS!!!1111ONEoneone today. Hopefully I’ll be back here tomorrow. Hopefully.


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