Crystal Clear

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And by ‘crystal’ I mean melamine, ha ha. It sure is pretty though! I’d asked Z if he knew where our old glass one gotten to, and he was pretty sure it had been broken. Fair enough. I’d explained my plan to make up a pitcher of squash in the lounge on my desk in the hopes that it would… Read more »


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I don’t know what the deal is with the atmosphere right now. Ambiance. Whatever the right word is. Everyone else seems to be finding it melting hot (to include my bar of chocolate), but I’m not feeling it? It might be that I’ve got my ceiling fan on high and it’s doing its job admirably. Still. You’d think with the… Read more »


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I’ve not gotten as far on attaching buttons to the little cardigan as I wanted to, but that’s in part because I decided to go back and add extra reinforcement to the snaps. It’s probably just a little paranoid on my part, but as I said yesterday — since it’s going outside of my immediate family, I want to make… Read more »


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I’d commented to Z yesterday (or was it today?) that Smallhausen hasn’t gotten to spend the night at her grandparent’s house this summer, and summer was almost over. So she’s over there now, mwuhahah (etc). Okay, that means we still have the wide awake toddler to hand, but never mind. *chuckles* I’ve spent today feeling pretty crap, all told. Like,… Read more »


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I realised today that I have been rubbish at leaving the house again lately. With the weather and the kids, I’ve been avoiding doing things like Pokéwalks, instead staying curled up in my chair. I don’t mind per se, but Iunno, it’s sort of good to get out of the house more than once every other week.   So when… Read more »


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Smallhausen goes back to school in a week, so what does Z do? He unpacks our souvenirs from vacation, ha ha. Which is to say, they were in the same location as Small’s new clothing for school, and had to be cleared to get to such. It’s been long enough since vacation that I’ve sort of forgotten what I’d picked… Read more »


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A picture of my desk, better known as my nest. I was chatting with a friend earlier and I felt it prudent to show him my setup. I am really a very spoiled lucky girl woman. <3 There’s really not much more to report for the day. Laundry got processed to a degree, the usual knitting and gaming occurred, and… Read more »


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There’s been two or three sorts of progress today, hee hee. First off, I have given up on HeartGold for the moment and moved on to another Generation IV game, Pearl. I have never actually played Diamond/Platinum/Pearl before, so hopefully it will cooperate. I had really been looking forward to working my way up the games properly, but never mind…. Read more »

Et Voilà

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As probably comes as little surprise, my shawl is now complete. I haven’t gotten a fix on how I desire to wear it, but at least it’s there and pretty and chilling out on my desk. I’ve moved on to starting into the baby things I’m making for my sister’s forthcoming progeny, though I’ve already had to restart once because… Read more »

Finally. Ish.

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As of a few minutes ago, I have started casting off on my dratted/lovely shawlette. I’ve not done the cast off it calls for before, so it’s a bit fussy to do. It probably won’t take as long to do as I think, but at this exact second I don’t want to deal with it either. It also doesn’t help… Read more »