Eye Candy

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Sunday. The day of doing little. Which means that there were chores done ’cause adults. Well, Z is always doing all the chores because he’s a god, and I’m a cripple. It’s not like he’s got the Adonis-level energy and strength for it, he just… he just does it ’cause it needs doing at whatever cost to himself, and I… Read more »

Spite Wool

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I feel like I have spent the bulk of today attempting to organise wool. Namely, that ball of red wool. That was supposed to be a skein. Yeaaah. Three attempts to end up with a tidy skein and I threw in the towel and settled for winding it old school. So yeah, I’ve not gotten as much knitting done as… Read more »

It Finally Happened

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Yes dears, we finally got a bit of snow. It even stuck for a little bit before the sun came out and blasted it away. It was pure bliss to watch — there were some huge fluffy flakes being blown all around swirly, which makes for great entertainment. I’m glad I got to see it at least once this winter;… Read more »

Don’t Die, My Darling

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My beloved laptop has been increasingly angry at me lately. It’s overheating ten ways to Sunday. It started with my graphics card — fair enough. It probably could use a replacement and/or new thermal paste. I use my computers hard and the GPU seems to feel it in this particular computer. And then? The CPU cores started going nuclear. I… Read more »

Fly-By Birthday-ness

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I came, I saw, I turned 35. I had a good meal, I socialised with friends, and got slightly miffed by someone being an ass. The latter was a minor dent on an otherwise stellar day, but I had a good whine about it on the way home and feel oodles better. I think. *chuckles* But really, it was mainly… Read more »

A Surplus of Cake

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Went into work. Got stuff done, got some other stuff not done, and managed to stump myself and a co-worker. I guess par for the course when I’m actually in the office, ha ha. But yeah, I’m going to die by cake before the week is out. We took in a cake to the office because ‘office rules’ are people… Read more »

*pats own face*

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I’m tired, heh. It’s not like I’ve done much of anything today, but I’m still tired. I managed the one thing I *had* to do past childcare, which was bathing. I was commenting to Z that I wish it didn’t take so many spoons to handle bathing, ’cause I was feeling so freaking good for getting scrubbed off. I guess… Read more »

Just Me Today

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It’s Sunday. Which means I’m suffering low-grade depression and anxiety because my body apparently is programmed for such on a Sunday night, never mind there is absolutely no logical reason for it. But then, that’s the problem of those things… they tend to defy logic. I guess this week it’s sliiiiiiiiightly more reasonable because I’m going into work a day… Read more »


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I have had the worst freaking luck in my Shiny hunting the last couple of days. I’ve effed up searches, having two end abruptly at 179 Pokémon deep, and 113 Pokémon deep. That’s… well, hours lost, and much annoyance gleaned. So it was sort of edifying today that I got this Grubbin here 22 Pokémon in, and Magnemite 60 in…. Read more »

Small Grown Tall

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After a semi-epic struggle this afternoon, I managed to get Littlerbit’s hair brushed and pulled back. Between those two things and putting a shirt on her, I apparently offended her greatly, ha ha. My darling little camera hog was even put out enough to not want to ham it up for the camera, though I did get some cute pictures… Read more »