Boots Don’t Lie

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Well, they actually do, sort of. They would indicate that I was feeling well when heh, nope. I’ve been assaulted by spinny-heady stuff that made me think a migraine was coming on.  My back caught in a really severe sort of way, and too early for me to take anything for it (though I have now). I actually even thought… Read more »

Sure, Why Not

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Today’s featured image comes to you via my stairwell. Yes, those are my actual stairs. The house was built in the 60s, and the carpets really, REALLY reflect that. Well. We replaced the carpet in our bedroom (was lino before, ew), and the knackered out carpet in the study and bathroom, but the stairs/halls/other two bedrooms… we kept the scary… Read more »

Voila, Smartassery

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It would seem that I let my phone run out of charge, so there goes my finding photographic ‘inspiration’ from my environment… my messy, messy environment. *chuckles* I’m pretty good at moving through it without injury, but I should probably scoop up the car-shaped caltrops. Eventually. *chuckles* I’ve done a good job of doing little today. I completed the Sinnoh… Read more »

Because Why Not

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Tonight’s featured image comes to you compliments of me having the saying stuck in my head because playing Craft the World and seeing lots of Beholders. So yanno, lulz. I slay myself, and so forth. But really, it’s been a really chill day. I think everyone actually got a little bit of relaxation on, which is excellent. I’ve made some… Read more »

I Feel Like I’m Forgetting Something…

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But I don’t know what. I’ve been sitting here trying to figure it out for a couple of hours now, but nothing is forthcoming. Thanks brain, you’re a real pal. :p I did find out one thing — my attempts to get that Twitter account verified were shot down. It’s fine, I was expecting that. I’m seriously quite fine with… Read more »

It’s a Squee Sort of Day

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I like getting mail. I think that most people like getting mail. I especially like getting mail that ended up costing something almost reasonable. Well. It’s sort of annoying that a bit of plastic cost us £20, but it was probably the best we were going to be able to get for a PokéWalker, and more so for it being… Read more »


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It’s been sticky hot here again, so of course, Batman decides he’s a lap cat. As you can see from this picture earlier today, I am not amused, and he’s obviously Smug as Fuck™®. Sigh? Sigh. Don’t get me wrong — I love the idea of lap cats and getting cuddles. When it comes to Batman, however, he doesn’t lay… Read more »


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But really, it’s hot here. It was, apparently, the hottest September day since 1911; it was the hottest since 1949 when I went out at 4pm, so make of that what you will. *chuckles* And the Brits… one of the things I was super at home with is that the Brits are as obsessed with taking about the weather as… Read more »


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Myself and the littlest have been having a rough time of it today. I think she’s cutting a molar, and me? I’ve just been dealing with dizziness and fogginess and am not really sure what the deal is. But then, what have I been complaining of for days? Yeeeh.. Still, I did one good thing for myself — I dragged… Read more »