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Myself and the littlest have been having a rough time of it today. I think she’s cutting a molar, and me? I’ve just been dealing with dizziness and fogginess and am not really sure what the deal is. But then, what have I been complaining of for days? Yeeeh.. Still, I did one good thing for myself — I dragged… Read more »

Slap a Ribbon ‘Round It

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I still need to get it shoved into a bubble mailer, all the knitty bits are lovingly folded around each other and prettily packaged. Oh okay, the tissue paper under and around the ribbon tore a bit ’cause I was probably pulling the bow too tight, but whatever. It’s done, it looks nice from a distance, etc. And if you… Read more »

It’s the Opposite of Ridiculous…

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According to the online thesaurus, antonyms of ridiculous include ‘credible’ and ‘reasonable’. The fact that I am the owner of this huge stack of wool is totally one of those over ridiculous. What’s ridiculous is that I got the lot, 32 balls of wool, and a set of 20mm needles, for £30.77. Aaaand that was with Z’s blessing; he was… Read more »


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I have been Plastergirl this week. I have these weird spates where one hand or another will be covered in bandages, and I’m in another one of them. The one on the thumb is where I sliced my knuckle open on the inside of a cupboard door. Because, of course, I am grace fucking incarnate. The other is a random… Read more »

Hard Times

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I try, for the most part, to avoid cross-linking my blogs, but sometimes I feel that it’s important to. To which I give you: Her Name was Ulla http://www.thescarletb.com/2016/09/08/her-name-was-ulla/ This is the second death amongst the Bipolaratti that I’ve known/heard about in the last couple of weeks, and that’s hard. Even if these people weren’t my BFFs, they were people… Read more »

Gone Pubbin’

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It’s alternate Wednesday, which means Stitch ‘n Bitch. I meant to write this while I was down at the pub, but my netbook decided it was going to spend the entire time trying to update itself instead of being useful. Sigh? Sigh. Still, it was a good night. I got some knitting done, there were cupcakes to eat, and we… Read more »

Bootie Bootie Boot-ay

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Also known as ‘Raeyn is in a goofy mood because of the word bootie(s)’, and has been running around saying this for a couple of days now. But lookit, I DID finish knitting a pair of booties, so it’s sort of warranted. Or something. The only thing left of that which I wanted to make is a scarf, and that’s… Read more »


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I finally made myself sit down and claim the assorted free Pokémon out there. This is the 20th anniversary of the franchise, so they’ve been giving out Mythicals all year. I’m super-pleased — I currently have 717 Pokémon out of the 721~ that are currently out. I’m missing two Mythicals that are from existing games, while the other two are… Read more »

Crystal Clear

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And by ‘crystal’ I mean melamine, ha ha. It sure is pretty though! I’d asked Z if he knew where our old glass one gotten to, and he was pretty sure it had been broken. Fair enough. I’d explained my plan to make up a pitcher of squash in the lounge on my desk in the hopes that it would… Read more »


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I don’t know what the deal is with the atmosphere right now. Ambiance. Whatever the right word is. Everyone else seems to be finding it melting hot (to include my bar of chocolate), but I’m not feeling it? It might be that I’ve got my ceiling fan on high and it’s doing its job admirably. Still. You’d think with the… Read more »