Let Them Eat Cake

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Before we put them to bed, Littler decided that I was a climbing frame. This included her using my legs as a slide a couple of times after I made the mistake of doing it to her once. Whups. *chuckles* It was sweet though. I’m glad that she was feeling well enough to want to cuddle and play. It won’t… Read more »


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I realised this evening that Id’ not taken any of my pills today, so I took them all in one fell swoop. I might’ve felt like a rock star, but now I’ve got some heartburn going, ha ha. Or I probably bruised something on the way down. Suffices to say, I’m not impressed. *manages a few comforting burps* Still hurts,… Read more »

Peek At You!

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Or Pikachu. Har har har, I’m hilarious. <__< But I liked the whole part of myself in the mirror, ’cause yanno, fancy mirror. It’s fun. I have done an incredibly good job of doing nothing today — huzzah! It took me all freaking day to get my morning writing done, but that was fine. That time was ‘wasted’ playing Prison… Read more »

Annoying the Cat

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Really though, annoying cats is fab, ha ha. She is very fond of sitting on the cushions atop the couch and surveying all that she reigns over. We had to put the red blanket there because she’s been doing some massive damage to our freaking new leather couch when she was trying to get traction for her tubby little body,… Read more »

Starting Over

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I sat down and frogged the shawl this afternoon. I’ve now restarted, and I am much happier for it. I am also making myself not count the stitches obsessively every row right now, because that’s probably just going to work out better than me yelping at every single potential error. No, instead I’m going to take it slowly and patiently,… Read more »

Frogging It

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I’ve decided, after much annoyance with the last three rows, to frog the shawl back to the beginning. I feel no annoyance with this; if anything, I can take what I have learned so far and apply it to doing it better this time around. And sometimes, restarting a project from the beginning is quite cathartic, I feel. We’ll see… Read more »

Patterns Emerge

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To my vast bemusement, things have been a lot less scary in the knitting now that I’ve gotten to the charted part. After a quick glance to make sure I was working it correctly (this pattern comes with the written version of the chart as well), it’s been smooth sailing. Smoother sailing than I expected, but then — most of… Read more »

Going Old School (Sort Of)

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I decided that I should boot up the remake of Final Fantasy III, as I had recently purchased it. I figured that it would be a fairly friendly game to play alongside my knitting, as it’s turn based. And speaking of the knitting… I’m almost through the easy part. Sigh. I still lack a lot of confidence in doing lace… Read more »

Party Animal

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I know I know I know, I’m terrible, off to Xanth, etc. It’s the last day we have the bear though, so hopefully that will spell the end to animal-based attempts at humour. I think that we managed to do a pretty good job of giving the bear a proper weekend here at our house doing what we do, so… Read more »

Little Old Lady Meee

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Earlier today, my back started playing up and making me cranky. I was lamenting that I was without a heating pad, as our existing one got pissed on by one of the cats, and I wasn’t getting anywhere near that. So I figured I’d look on Amazon to see what was available. The tl;dr is hooray for Amazon same-day delivery,… Read more »