Vanity Is

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When Z came home from work today, he came home with his hair freshly cut and an unexpected compliment. It seems it was the same lady who cut his hair once when I was there, and she remembered me as ‘that lady with the really long hair, some of the nicest I’ve ever seen’.  My hair is like, my #1… Read more »

I Made It!

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Not gonna lie — I was really freaking anxious about going to Stitch ‘n Bitch tonight. E couldn’t make it, so I was flying solo. I really, *REALLY* did not want to deal with the person I had a conflict with, and moreso without support. So deities were awesome, and that person was not there tonight. She reputedly phoned in… Read more »

Snood v2.0

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My wool order came in this morning, hooray! I made to make myself put off playing with it until after work-work. I did a couple fiddle arounds with it before asking the intended recipient what she liked best, so now I know the plan of action for the knittery. I’m glad, obviously — I’m hoping it will help me get… Read more »

Twinkly Toes

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I have done what I wanted to do today, which was ignore everything and play more Stardew Valley. Well. And taking muuuuuuch longer than was reasonable, I got the wool pictured from skein to cake, and casted on for a gauge square. I’m probably not going to be super-knitty on them once the wool comes in for the snoods, but… Read more »

Fistful of Tiny Hats

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Today has been a good day. Even if I had to leave the house. We went over to E’s house so the kids could play, and I didn’t fall to pieces over her like I feared I would. We’d not hung out in person since Woolgate (as I’m calling it), though we’ve done our usual few lines of chatting most… Read more »

Back to Square One

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So, you know that snood I was knitting? It’s now been completely pulled back after talking to the person I’m making it for. She thought it would be cool if it was red and white stripes, so sure, why not. I ordered the wool for that and for the other one I’m making for her, so we’ll see how it… Read more »

[[Insert Thoughts Here]]

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Today has been a busy day of not getting a lot done. Someone unfriended me on Facebook overnight on the hilariously thinnest butthurtiest premises and I have been having a bit of a laugh all day about that. Like, not even mad — I am seriously cracking up like none other from my amusement level. To add to that, this… Read more »

On Duty

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Z has a meeting tonight, so I pushed my spoonie self to be of use. I did some dishes and cleaning, I crockpotted us a lovely beef soup, and am currently child wrangling. That amounts to the big one being sorted and in bed, while the little one is sitting on me whining because I am doing something in addition… Read more »

Spotted on Facebook

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Today’s featured images comes compliments of my friend Lyxia; she made it her Facebook cover photo and it made me smile. It is an understandably rough day for a lot of people with the end result of the Presidential election, so I’ve been doing my best to find little things to keep my spirits up. I also had something very… Read more »

Periscope Down

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If there was ever a day to avoid the news and the wider internet, today is one of those days. I’ve been fortunate that my Facebook has been a mainly pleasant stream of people sharing that they voted. The only mildly annoying spot was some of the sanctimoniousness of the third-party voters, but eh. I’m not going to hold it… Read more »