Tick Tick Tick

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I’m sitting here trying to think of words, and not having a lot of success. It’s a pretty pleasant thing all told, a sign that I’ve done a good job of keeping things low key today. Childling was cared for, bath was obtained, and I’ve managed to cajole myself to putter around a couple of steps an hour. I’ve made… Read more »

Let’s Make It Happen!

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If there was one thing that I wanted to make myself get done this weekend, it was getting the shawl finished properly. It only took me a few minutes to sew in the ends, and it’s currently out of rinse and having a little dry before I pin it up the blocking board(s). I’m not as convinced by the power… Read more »

Chugging Along

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One of the best things about having visitors over is, besides the joy of visitors, is that I actually work on my knitting. Smallhausen had asked me yesterday to extend an invite to E, J, and j to come hang out, an invite that was graciously accepted. It’s always nice when they do, especially since it only works out to… Read more »

Doing Nothing Quite Well

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Today has been a do as little as possible day. In Z’s case, he’s managed to tweak and pull all the things, so existing isn’t fun for him right now. And me, I just wanted to zone out and ignore people. So of course, Smallhausen wanted to show me how they do math at school, and play Minecraft with me,… Read more »

Cheerfully Exhausted

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I am exhausted, and in a great mood; I figured that the subject line probably portrays that as intended, ha ha. It’s been a busy week, what with having to do the full three day school run (going up to every day next term, eek!), work, socialising, and all of that. It’s fine though — it’s been a good week…. Read more »

Gotta Love the Kittencorn

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As much as I might go on about unicorns lately, and being a bit of one myself, I know that my truest form is the kittencorn as pictured here. It’s adorable, it’s mythical, and it’s a bit snarky at that. Really, Teeturtle owns me heart and soul with its assorted cute creations, this amongst them. I’m preparing to go out,… Read more »

Third Time?

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I have once again cast off on my effin’ pussyhat. I’m doubling up the alpaca on itself to give me a good thick rib, and I am going to either love it or burn it. xD Well, if one could get anything to burn today — it’s quite wet around here. I lucked out that it was dry during the… Read more »

What Was That Even

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Earlier today, I caught a glimpse of precipitation flying by. ‘Oh goodie, it’s starting to rain!’ I exclaimed, and opened my curtain wider. Except it wasn’t just rain, it was a mix of rain and hail and snow. Whut. It didn’t last more than a minute or two before it stopped, but it was like, really? Really?! Having said that,… Read more »

… and Everything in Its Place

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I finally (as of last week)  had purchased a replacement chain for the one that had broken. So now my spoons and my rings have a proper home; they’re looking good resting next to the knittin’ kitten. Having said that, it was attempt #2 at buying a chain, because the first one I bought was too short. Thankfully, I had… Read more »

A Lovely Sunny Day

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Well okay, back in Texas the high 50s wouldn’t be anything to write home about, but once this end of the planet tilts closer to the sun, its effects are significantly fiercer than mere numbers would explain. It was pleasant to be out in, and the girls spent a lot of time out there today. It was also the grand… Read more »