It’s Actually Happening

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I know, I know, I keep going on about how the socks are going to be the same colour, but it blows my mind for some reason. I guess that I both amaze and amuse easily? I guess also in part because I wonder if it’s going to happen again with the next skein. I suspect that I will be… Read more »

Другой День, Другой Доллар

Or, in English — ‘Another day, another dollar’. That is never more true than on the first working day of the month. A new month means doing year end accounts for anything ending the previous month, and those need to be done as fast as possible. There’s only three from May, and I’ve got two of them pretty much turned… Read more »

There’s So Much Fun In…

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Covfefe! Yes, I took took vast amusement at Emperor Tang’s questionable late-night half-tweet. I ended up creating this image here, as well as another one you can find on (one of my) my Twitter account. I’m back at the later time of ‘whups, should be in bed’ because I lost track of time before going out knitting. E stayed in… Read more »

Let’s Go All the Way

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I continue to feel optimistic that I am going to end up with mainly matching socks somehow. I’m not fussed if I do, but I feel like it earns me ninja points or something, ha ha. If I were truly fussed about that sort of thing, I could have acquired two 50g skeins and tried to match starting points… but… Read more »

Treasure Hunting

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When my youngest sister and her husband were visiting us a few years back on their babymoon, they got us started on the whole geocaching thing. Smalls refers to it as treasure hunting, which is accurate enough. Z decided that the weather was the right level of overcast and not raining to get out and work on a few we’d… Read more »

Hippie Feet

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We went around to my in-law’s house, and I got the urge to take my shoes off and wander in the garden. Theirs is ridiculously huge by British standards, and fairly generous even by a Texan’s standards. They acquired a paddock from a neighbour at a steep discount ages ago, so there’s a long stretch to wander about and wiggle… Read more »

Not Getting My Hopes Up, But…

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But it looks like the second sock might be a spot-on match to the first, colour-wise. I don’t know if this is going to carry true through the rest of it, but the start is looking promising. Still, even if it doesn’t, I’m not fussed. Part of the joy of making your own socks is how uniquely yours they are…. Read more »


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First things first — sock the first of my current pair is done! I finished it last night at the pub, and declared myself god for managing Kitchener stitch with people around. *giggles* I’m happy with it though. It fits nicely, it looks good, and is super comfortable. I’m slowly casting on for the second one, but I keep getting… Read more »

All Curls

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I managed to rub a few spoons together to do a joint bath with the littlest one. She is, as far as kids go, a fairly good bathing companion, but it’s hard to wash one’s hair with someone else in the bathtub. Still, we persevered, and cleanliness and temporary coolness were achieved. So of course, a short while later I… Read more »

Out For Adventure (Sort Of)

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Z was volunteering at the school today, so I had the car to myself. Which was great — it meant that I could go fetch Littler without having to drag her home. Bless the poor thing, she had to keep stopping on Monday to catch her breath because of the heat, and it’s only hotter today. I had discarded the… Read more »