It Burns!

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Pink is not a colour I normally purchase. In raising two daughters, I have been overly mindful of things like the pink tax, of how often those overpriced pink good are of poorer quality, of the pressure on children to fit into the perceived gender binary (never mind that gender is a social construct, while biological sex is all over… Read more »


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I am… half asleep, so like, hi. I’m here. Have a glass of Roses. Or at least, Roses wrappers, har har. I was jokingly calling them the casualty of war because they were originally strewn across the table, but then they got tidied up and looked randomly attractive. Or something. I don’t know, my brain is asleeeeeeeeeep. Knitting was good… Read more »

What the Eff, Skin?

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I’m having an acne breakout right now. I’m not impressed. I’m even less impressed because the lot of them seem to be cystic rather than poppable, so they’re just *there* and painful and not doing a thing besides being annoying and lumpy. There is one coming up over my eyebrow that I discovered by brushing it gently, which sent a… Read more »

The Lady Waits

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Today has been a mixed bag. I woke up and found out that someone had died that was, to me, a problematic person. I knew she was going to die any time for the past decade or so, so her actually dying wasn’t a shock to my system. After all, my stepfather has been terminally ill for like, 30 years… Read more »

And Another One Done

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Mondays mean, as usual, doing as little as possible. I made sure the little one was tended to and mainly amused, I grudgingly made sure I ate something vaguely resembling healthy, and otherwise tuned out. I finished off the blanket square I’ve been dithering over the last couple of days and started an altogether different one, so yay for that…. Read more »

Eye Candy

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Sunday. The day of doing little. Which means that there were chores done ’cause adults. Well, Z is always doing all the chores because he’s a god, and I’m a cripple. It’s not like he’s got the Adonis-level energy and strength for it, he just… he just does it ’cause it needs doing at whatever cost to himself, and I… Read more »

Spite Wool

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I feel like I have spent the bulk of today attempting to organise wool. Namely, that ball of red wool. That was supposed to be a skein. Yeaaah. Three attempts to end up with a tidy skein and I threw in the towel and settled for winding it old school. So yeah, I’ve not gotten as much knitting done as… Read more »

It Finally Happened

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Yes dears, we finally got a bit of snow. It even stuck for a little bit before the sun came out and blasted it away. It was pure bliss to watch — there were some huge fluffy flakes being blown all around swirly, which makes for great entertainment. I’m glad I got to see it at least once this winter;… Read more »

Don’t Die, My Darling

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My beloved laptop has been increasingly angry at me lately. It’s overheating ten ways to Sunday. It started with my graphics card — fair enough. It probably could use a replacement and/or new thermal paste. I use my computers hard and the GPU seems to feel it in this particular computer. And then? The CPU cores started going nuclear. I… Read more »

Fly-By Birthday-ness

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I came, I saw, I turned 35. I had a good meal, I socialised with friends, and got slightly miffed by someone being an ass. The latter was a minor dent on an otherwise stellar day, but I had a good whine about it on the way home and feel oodles better. I think. *chuckles* But really, it was mainly… Read more »