Totally Radical

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*pats face* This face, she is a good face. I like my face. I’m also lacking in interesting photos for the day too, so you get my face. La! It’s fine though. I think that while some insist this whole ‘obsession’ with self is narcissistic, I prefer to think of it as radical self-love. Society and the media says I… Read more »

The Latest in Fashion

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Littlerbit starts nursery next month, and one of the things that they are required to have at school is a pair of wellies for wet play. Littler loves wellies, so popped them on the second she got near them. I don’t know why it charms me so that she can put them on by herself, but she can. She didn’t… Read more »

Creeping Along

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Because it’s got sort of a vine motif, get it? Get it? Yeah sorry-not-sorry, I continue with the horrible jokes. I continue to be happy that I restarted though. I’m moving through it with a lot more confidence, and am able to tell where I made mistakes before I get too far past them. Most importantly, I’m not panicking and… Read more »

Brilliant Times

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Hahah, it’s late, so late. But it was a really good night out. It was a small group, only five of us, but it was a candid and friendly environment with lots of good chatter and crafting and the usual silliness. I had some rather edifying conversations that made me feel less alone in the world. I also managed to… Read more »

Puny Party

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Today was one of those odd days where Littlerbit wanted to be attached to me the entirety of the day. That included well after Z got home from work; even if she deigns to snuggle me, she abandons me the second he gets in. But nope, I was what she wanted, and I gave her lots of it. I didn’t… Read more »

Back to Square… Something

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I fudged something very slightly on the last row of the pattern, but I can’t see what it is and I had the right number of stitches on the whole, so I call it a job well done. I’ve started the second iteration of the pattern, and hope to make some good progress tonight. Or at least, progress, hee hee…. Read more »

Let Them Eat Cake

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Before we put them to bed, Littler decided that I was a climbing frame. This included her using my legs as a slide a couple of times after I made the mistake of doing it to her once. Whups. *chuckles* It was sweet though. I’m glad that she was feeling well enough to want to cuddle and play. It won’t… Read more »


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I realised this evening that Id’ not taken any of my pills today, so I took them all in one fell swoop. I might’ve felt like a rock star, but now I’ve got some heartburn going, ha ha. Or I probably bruised something on the way down. Suffices to say, I’m not impressed. *manages a few comforting burps* Still hurts,… Read more »

Peek At You!

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Or Pikachu. Har har har, I’m hilarious. <__< But I liked the whole part of myself in the mirror, ’cause yanno, fancy mirror. It’s fun. I have done an incredibly good job of doing nothing today — huzzah! It took me all freaking day to get my morning writing done, but that was fine. That time was ‘wasted’ playing Prison… Read more »

Annoying the Cat

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Really though, annoying cats is fab, ha ha. She is very fond of sitting on the cushions atop the couch and surveying all that she reigns over. We had to put the red blanket there because she’s been doing some massive damage to our freaking new leather couch when she was trying to get traction for her tubby little body,… Read more »