Silently Judging You

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Well okay, not really, but it seemed the best caption to go with this picture of Poison. Any judging that HAS been done in the house in the past 24 hours have been accompanied by lots of laughs and snarkasm, because Eurovision. It was a good show, we had a good time, and as per norm, not a one of… Read more »

Natural Light!

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Eurovision time, just about! Smallhausen and I went to the train station to pick up our friend Jezebelle. I was oddly nervous about making the trip as I had never driven that way on my own, but it was fine. I had a laugh ’cause I second-guessed which way I was going and went the wrong way at one point,… Read more »

Progress in Motion

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Today, the glorious racket outside continued as the BT Openreach team continued to get the cabinet on our street installed and upgraded. I’m not exactly sure what they were doing, but it required them digging up part of the road (again). They were repaving it when I went to get Littler from school, and on the way back. I smiled… Read more »

A Cavalcade of Colour

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I have been most grateful today that I have not had to go anywhere or do much of anything. I got Littler to take a nap, I got some work done that the office needed doing, and basically managed to not catch on fire, ha ha. I feel mainly human-shaped for going out tonight, so yay for that as well…. Read more »

Fifty Gold Stars

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I managed at needed bath today. I’ve declared myself to be bedecked in 50 gold stars in celebration of this achievement. I also managed some amount of work, child retrieval and care, and writing a long overdue check-in for The Scarlet B. It might not be covering oneself in glory for most people, but  yanno, it is for me. 🙂… Read more »


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The pattern I am working for this pair of socks is called Solar. The socks shown on the pattern are a gorgeous bright variegated orange. So of course, my Chroma starts off purple and blue, looking more like the night rather than the day. It’s currently working towards light blue, green, and then springy greens and yellows, so. It should… Read more »


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I got up to go cuddle the girls on the couch earlier, and their response was to run over and claim my chair. Hrmph. Good thing they’re cute, right? *chuckles* And really, I didn’t mind, seeing how it was all a chance for more cuddles and tickles and playing! Today has been a brilliantly do-little day. I’ve done a tiny… Read more »

Spring Cleaning

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In keeping with our behind the times family, we’ve only felt the sudden need to do anything akin to ‘spring cleaning’ this weekend. Yanno, with just over a month to go until Summer starts officially, ha ha. Having said that, it hasn’t been nitpicking and dusting, but rather just trying to fight the tide of entropy.  It started with getting… Read more »

My Own Cake Wreck

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I’m not exactly sure what was going on, but my attempt to turn my beautiful Chroma wool into a cake crashed and burned badly. I’m not sure if it was down to how the wool itself was constructed, or the fact that my winder is well-loved. I’ve been having an increasing number of accidents like this, so it might be… Read more »

Snarkasm for Sanity

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Pretty much the first thing I saw this morning was a message window waiting from bat. There were two words, two words I knew I’d see before I even clicked the window — ‘mom’s gone’. We’ve lost our mother, yo. Not my blood maternal, but the more important built me up and made me feel worthwhile one. I’m still processing… Read more »