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More Danglies

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Yuss, I’m still somewhat on my earring kick. I don’t know what else, if anything else, I want to do this evening, but we’ll see. Really, I think that I am going to aim to curl up with my knitting and zone out. I might make the effort to list these once I think up names (I’ve done passable photography… Read more »

Making the Things

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I had a hankering to fiddle around and do some earrings last night, so I got out the odds and sods bin to prod around in. Of course, that meant that Smaller decided she needed a bracelet asap. Fair enough, I whipped one up that she was happy with. Then Smalls complained that I didn’t ask her if she wanted… Read more »

The Ruler Speaks

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And it says that I still have at least 2 inches to go on the leg before I move on. I think that I will likely go longer than the recommended 6 inches, especially since I’m working with a 100g ball of wool, so. We’ll see. The pattern is familiar to my hands now, so it’s not particularly difficult to… Read more »


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We’re not sure where it came from, but we have a random strawberry plant growing in our back garden. Not that I’m complaining — I love a good strawberry. It’s just not something you’d expect to randomly show up with the benign neglect we give the space. *chuckles* Past that, I’m just kind of tired and glad it’s the weekend…. Read more »

Hear Me Roar

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When I ordered the Gem of the Month from a-england last month, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the gold polish (The Hand Refrains).¬†that came. It’s grown on me rather quickly, and with the red I got from them previously (Perceval). It was very swiftly obviously that I was obligated to do some House Lannister nails — so… Read more »