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Decently Chilly

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I’m not really sure why, but I am proper chilly today. It’s not particularly cold today, but I guess the humidity pushes it over the tipping point into that sort of clammy-cold. I prefer being cold to overly warm, but I haven’t got the balance right for my ears. For now though, I’m snoodled up, and full of dinner, so… Read more »


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I can finally start to see where the blanket turn is doing its thing. It’s not far enough along to be able to show it more distinctly, but hopefully that will encourage me to work harder. September is flying by, and if that baby isn’t here yet, they’ll be here soon enough. I’d like to give it over while it’s… Read more »

Here, There

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Hi folx, not a lot going on today. Which is fine — I didn’t want to be doing much anyways. It’s mainly been slaying all the fiends in Diablo 3, with a side of castle-building in Minecraft (and a splash of knitting too). I’d somehow missed the introduction of lanterns in Minecraft, and they are so stylistically awesome that I have an unrealistic level… Read more »


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I am so. So. So not impressed right now. For whatever reason, my laptop isn’t recognising the graphics processor. I don’t know if it’s got a bit of dust on it or if it’s finally bitten the dust, but yeah… not impressed. At least the on-board runs Minecraft, which is the only game I’ve tested against it so far. I might… Read more »


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My appointment letter for my ablation came in the post today. Suffices to say, I am relieved to have it in my hot little hands. Because it’s a private hospital and they have to go back to the NHS to ask them to pay for the procedure, I worried it would get delayed. But nope, appointment is for mid-October, which… Read more »

The Impropriety

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Evening time and some degree of overnight, Poison has declared that my chair is hers. She’ll come yelling at me if she thinks I should already be in bed (even if it’s like, an hour early), and this morning I was promptly down… which means I got yelled at for wanting her to move. She deeefinitely wasn’t happy that I… Read more »

One Thing or Another

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Whelp, now I don’t have a working printer, to cut to the point. *laughs* Z ordered me some ink cartridges for tomorrow, so hopefully that’s going to do the do. We, admittedly, go for the recycled cartridges because they are a loooot cheaper. But anyways. We’ll see how it goes. On the fridge front, the engineer thinks that he can… Read more »

Trying Something

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Like many dealing with chronic illness, I’ve been curious about trying CBD oil for ages. The problem is that anywhere I found it online? The entry price was just… I couldn’t justify it. So when I spotted it in Holland & Barrett at the weekend at a really good price, I’d made comment to Z about it. I didn’t think… Read more »


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Every now and again, I will order a little something from Wish. The best part about doing this is that I tend to forget I ordered anything by the time it shows up, and usually what I ordered as well. So it was a delight for socks to show up, ha ha. Well, I always like getting socks, but anyways…. Read more »

Fuck Yeah, Clouds!

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I couldn’t tell you why exactly, but I ended up taking approximately a million pictures of the clouds on the way to and from the grocery store earlier. They were just the right amount of fluffy, or something. It also helps that the weather is pleasant, and feels more like spring than summer to me. In addition to picking up… Read more »