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Smalls amused me earlier by commenting that they thought October looked sad. In almost the same breath, she haw haw’d that Halo is ‘getting his balls chopped off’. Yup, tomorrow is Cone of Shame day. I look forward to seeing how adorable October looks in her little onesie we bought her.

Today I am… hard to explain. Worn thin a bit, because of not getting to sleep quickly lately. I’m sleeping as far as I can tell, but the whole taking forever to get there seems to be taking a toll. I know that this tends to happen in fits and spurts and I’m probably closer to it stopping that shizz than it continuing, but still. It’s pants for the time being.

Anyhoos. Water. Pain meds for this cresting headache. And hopefully getting to sleep at a reasonable pace, rather than blasting through most of an October Daye novel. ><


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