Cats Squared

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Okay, I had to cheat slightly to get all four of them on the bed. Vivi was napping on the table behind me, so I scooped him up and deposited him upstairs. I caught him at the right time, ’cause he gave me a flat look, curled up, and stayed very put.

Only other thing of vague excitement is taking advantage of the evils of capitalism to get a box of band-aids/plasters delivered same day. Normal plasters don’t stick to my skin very well, so it was getting some strong fabric ones. Considering that I suddenly am spouting any number of extra cuts these days, I figured it would be a good idea.

Having said that, the first one to go on is where I lost a battle with a laundry basket a few days ago. Like, I fumbled it, thought I’d lightly grazed my hand… heh. Managed a decent gouge, and a rather sizeable bruise. Like, inch and a half, two inches round/square. It doesn’t particularly hurt, but still. It definitely supports my argument that bodies win no design awards. *chuckles*

Right, gonna go knit a bit.


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