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My newest order of thread came in today, so yup, stuck into winding it up and boxing it. I’ve only finished the first box, and am slowly progressing through the second. It’s going to take some time, heh. My couch is covered in piles of thread yet to process. But still, what a fun problem to have.

Only thing past that really was hitting up the dentist for the next round of impressions. Bless her, the first two borked and we had to go for third time lucky. It wasn’t my fault thankfully — just a weird air bubble where there should not have been one. I confirmed before the third take that there wasn’t anything I could do to improve it, and she made sure to work on the sop that had bubbled so it wouldn’t do it again. Next appointment is in another two weeks, and puts us another step closer to a new, working denture. And in the interim, I can be pleased to have a dentist that I already like so much that I can forgive so many impressions in such a short time. I can also be pleased that my teeth haven’t darkened appreciably since the last one was made, which I think is pretty impressive.

Anyhoos, back to work.


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