Mildly Euphoric

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I got a call yesterday inviting me for an appointment at my new dentist’s office today. It went super well! Everything looked good, outside of a tiny spot of gum grump (we agreed a little extra brushing attention was all it needed). She also took a few snaps to check my fillings, all good, AND we got the first round of impressions taken to get me a new denture. I had to laugh a bit — before I came in today, I had to fill in a bunch of stuff online so they had a baseline of information. I made sure to include my severe gag reflex. I handled it so well that she asked Z if I *really* had one. It was light-heated and friendly, from both her and her dental nurse. Plus, our trip out was during a gap in the rather torrential rain we’ve been seeing today, so yanno, wintery sunshine bonus.

Anyways, past that, just yanno, a smidge of work, a smidge of crafting. I ‘need’ to think up what I want to do three of on the 4th row of my cloth. Maybe I can manage to make a round bauble look nice? I’ll have to think about that tomorrow. For the moment, I’ve still got a third sprig of holly to do, and I just finished washing all the little frames that I’m going to need. Yup, total party.


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