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The extent of my managing to-do today has been working on this bracelet. But that also included semi-inspired patterning that has thrilled me. I’m on the final selvage, so I can do that, tuck it away, and… probably veg right out. I finally figured out that I vaguely want to play YouTubers Life 2, so at least that’s locked in. Hopefully. It’s been a really bad no idea what to play day, which is extra rude on a day I’m in hella pain from overdoing it yesterday. I knew I did, but ah well.

So yeah, not too bad. Been getting up and moving a fair bit, even if it hurts, so tomorrow should be a lot better.

What else… ooh, so. Got my new Square (card) reader, and have been really happily coordinating it with my Woocommerce install. I’ve got two locations set up with one being my online store, and the other being the stuff I’m making specifically to sell at the event/hopefully future events.


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