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It feels nice to go back to the most basic AF sock-making after ages. I might pick something more challenging for my next pair, when I get there, but we’ll see.

I have been fending off the worst headache all day; Z reckons it’s due to the sudden reduction of sugar going into me. He’s probably right, and in the interim, I’m glad that there’s codeine over the counter, ha ha. I’m still coping with a degree of dizzy, but knock on wood, it’s been mainly holding back since Monday.

See, I’m working on the presumption that the diabetes might be a contributing factor to said dizziness/vertigo — I don’t know yet. I’ve been checking my blood a lot today, and can see wheremy choicse are doing the right thing in bringing it down. It’s still high, and we’ve got a lot to figure out, but at least it shows that it’s manageable without too many drastic changes. It helps that I like whole wheat food, and veg, but it’s just the effort of making meals have a good variety of the right sort of things. And figuring out how to take care of myself between meals, etc. I’m feeling confident that Z and I can work stuff out without pushing me into the danger zone of the obsession part of my OCD (admittedly, the bigger part for me).

For now, dinner, and mooooore water.


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