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It’s hot. And rudely, this is the hottest part of the day because up north and weird shit like that. Tomorrow is supposed to be reasonable (60Fs vs 90Fs)… just got to survive until tomorrow, ha ha. We’re supposed to get rain as well, which I would really enjoy.

Have I mentioned how much I like/love my mother-in-law? Besides like, all the time? Naw like, I called to let her know I wasn’t coming over because of the weather, but she beat me to the punch and told me to stay home. I feel a smidge bad because we’re rescheduled for the declutterer next Friday, which means another Friday I don’t see her. I might see about organising a visit midweek or something, we’ll see. I saw her yesterday, and I’ll see her again Sunday, but still. We both value having us time.

Gonna go get more fluids in me, and knit. Party, etc.


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