Tall Tales

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‘And it was thii-iii-is big!’ Vivi seems to be saying. Cutely. As many cats, as many big personalities as I’ve had over the years, this boy is something special. Raven is a doll too, most of the time. He has a tendency to wake up, then come yell at me for 10 minutes. Mooom pay attention to me! No not like that! MOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Ah well. *chuckles*

Still feeling a bit off today. I think a part of that is that I’ve not done a great job hydrating during this ‘heat wave’. We picked up some new water bottles for ourselves, so hopefully that will help. I’m also about to chug a Coke, ’cause sugar helps. Hopefully I’ll sleep mainly well again tonight, and feel mainly sorted tomorrow. A little optimism costs me nothing. 🙂


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