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Sort It

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Today has been A Day™®. I messed up my sleep last night baaaad, and ended up sleeping in. Which is fine! It didn’t do me any harm, and it’s the weekend anyways. What did get me is that suddenly I was bitten by a spate of anger and annoyance about the state of the house, directed at poor Z. I… Read more »


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Batman was sitting on the back of the couch when I got back from visiting Mum, so I harassed him with photos. Cats, innit. I can’t resist them. Good visit to Mum. I don’t really know how to sum up the conversation… productive? Edifying? Enjoyable for the most part, whatever the case. We do let our hair down around each… Read more »


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Today would have been Z’s dad’s birthday, so we’re around at Mum’s house having his favourite — fish and chips. Or well, had. Now we’re just sitting around chatting, some of it Grandad related, most of it just… family talking to each other.  It’s been awhile since we all did it over at Mum’s house, so it’s a nice change… Read more »


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I have, on the whole, excellent friends. This includes people who send me Halloween cards, which is arguably the best holiday in the best month. I was bemused that hey, woke up feeling vaguely alert! Woo! So of course, my focus fucked off and I got very little done work-wise… so it sometimes goes. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. For… Read more »


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So, my mother-in-law loves mint Turkish Delight. I got her a box of the ‘proper’ stuff last year (Hazer Baba), but it’s not been available this year. I like the stuff too, so we said ‘why not’ and bought 2kg of it. They’re okay! The pieces are bigger than the ones in the Hazer Baba box, I think, so I… Read more »


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Batman was a bit chilly, I figured, so I wrapped him up in my cardi against me. Then he decided to shove his head in as well, and Z got this cute picture of him looking properly hidden in plain sight. He’s been really clingy lately, and we’re not really sure why, but I’m trying my best to give him… Read more »


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I saw something on Facebook this morning that made me take a breath, and peel off a very old scab. I won’t get into what and wherefore here, just. I feel a smidge vulnerable for it, and more than a dash of sad. But also good; it’s something I’ve needed to say ‘publicly’ for a very long time. Looking around… Read more »

Autumnal Creep

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I was talking with Mum about how yanno, October is here, the best of the month, autumn is coming, etc. The front you don’t see it, ’cause large cedar tree. Back garden? Stuff’s starting to turn, so nice. Past that, legit nothing to report. I’m looking forward to doing very little this weekend, to include probably less crafting, since I’m… Read more »