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I have had a very productive day of playing with drills. I can’t say that it’s much faster than doing it by hand-hand, but it’s easier on the hands. I think that it probably is faster, and will probably get faster as I develop a better pulsing technique. Past that, nada really. Work. Gaming. Zoning out. Need to think about… Read more »

Out of Doors

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We had to go into town today for eye tests/new glasses. We were slightly overdue, and we both needed an update anyways. In spite of anxiety spikes stabbing in starting last night, it went fine enough. Specsavers are still using an appointment system, and I think I was the only person I saw in there without a mask (I can’t… Read more »


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Z and I continue to make slow but steady progress in this decluttering/clearing thing. He got the bottom three shelves emptied, which means I was able to juggle some of my books down another shelf or two, while leaving the bottom two for himself as requested. I’ve not had a lot of spoons to do much today, but I’m glad… Read more »


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I had flopped over on the couch in the hopes of convincing Batman to hop up and let me love him. He ignored me. So now that I’m back over here, he’s on the couch… Bats is a douche. *laughs* *goes and annoys him with pets* Nothing much going on today. I got around to painting my nails, which always… Read more »


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Z has been working really hard today, and ‘his’ half of the lounge is coming along nicely. I’m hoping that he doesn’t do too much more this evening, ’cause he needs a rest, though we’re getting a nice one right now in the post-dinner, footie match is still on window. I’ve helped him a smidge between here and doing a… Read more »

Quick Knits

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I knitted a bit too hard yesterday, but I’m most of the way done with the side knit I got a hankering to make. I don’t think I’m going to finish it today, because I’m enjoying monster slaughtering, but that’s fine! It’s all weekend goodness. Speaking of weekend goodness, Mum came over to help Z with some tidying. She’s expressed… Read more »

Still Abloom

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A visit to Mum, which meant another stomp through her lovely back garden. I should’ve worn shoes instead of slightly dampening my socks, but never mind. I also claimed an apple that looked like it was neither a Bramley or a Ballerina, and am nomming it now. I might have to pop over and claim more off of the tree,… Read more »

Gathering Rainbows

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Or, well, ‘rainbows’. Neither of these are proper rainbows for all colourway names imply, but they’re still fun to work with. One’s the socks still, while the other is an impromptu desire to make a random pressie for a random person. Because yanno, it’s fun to do. Z and Smalls went to school this afternoon for meeting the tutor and… Read more »

Love Is…

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…spousal person showing up from a trip to the grocery store with a box of Krispy Kremes. He also got petrol, which hopefully means the wave of dumbassery that caused people to try to hoard it might be over. Fingers crossed, eh? But it was a nice, unexpected treat, and we all appreciate it. I can’t really think of anything… Read more »


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Nothing much to report. Taking a break from my Diablo 3 jag to poke my┬áSims 4 mega-challenge (complete every LTW on a single Sim). I’m idly breeding frogs while shoving my Sim through university, ’cause might as well try to get all those sweet sweet collections collected as well. Past that, polling my FB friends on chokers. I’m really liking… Read more »