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The kids are, weather permitting, actually going out trick-or-treating this year. I’m still not up to interfacing with the public, so me and Mum are gonna chill here while Z and the kids are out. We have a tube of glowsticks that we make sure they go out with each year, and I accidentally broke one while getting them out. So I treated myself to one for once. I mean, I can’t see it ’cause I’ve currently got it threaded around/through my bun, but at least I’m having a smidge of festive-ish.

Past that… not a lot going on. Been doing a bit of cross-stitch today, ’cause my eyes are almost back to cooperating. I’m still learning (relearning?) how to keep my eyes damp and my headaches managed (thank stars for co-codamol), but anyhoos.


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