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So uh, my bisexual disaster self managed to buy bi flag-coloured sunglasses, and didn’t notice until they were at my house. Yay? *laughs* I love them already, but now I super love them. And yeah, I identify as bi/pan because I’ve been using bi since the mid-90s, even if pan is more accurate, but I don’t see the point in changing my nomenclature either. Contrawise, my bat’leth swapped to pan in spite of the same coming out period and similar orientations, but that’s the nice thing about words. More words mean more ways to self-identify and build up a comfortable identity.

That aside, just trying to work on keeping my eyeballs damp, ha ha. The optometrist commented that I had rather dry eyes, so been trying to remember to close them more often, and I bought some eyedrops as well. At least I can knit with my eyes closed, so my hands don’t start freaking out over doing nothing during that time (I can also type with my eyes closed, so I am doing that right now, because why not).

Anyhoos, dinnertime.


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