New Glasses, Who Dis?

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And because some good things have come out of this Covid bullshit, my new glasses showed up via courier this evening. As usual, there’s gonna be a period of adjustment — ESPECIALLY since my left eye has apparently shit the bed since my last eye exam, requiring a bigger adjustment. They are also a bit lighter, which is an adjustment, ’cause we paid extra for further lens thinning. Combined with the arms being a bit thinner, that’s also a wee adjustment. But I am more or less happy here at the start of things.

((of course, now I’m hyper aware of how dry my eyes are with the change, so eye drops ordered for tomorrow, and lots of closing my eyes for rests today))

What else… nothing much, really. Work happened. Smaller had a playdate, so that was nice. Smalls has been upstairs on the phone most of the day, but that’s what they do with a lot of their free time, chatting with folx. I love hearing the silvery laughter drift down the stairs; it makes me happy to know that they are happy.

Right. Onward, upward.


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