Nap Attacks

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I think that I have to accept it — naps are gonna be a part of my life now. I can’t really go to bed any earlier (and I don’t think that would do any good), and I’m kind of stuffed on sleeping any later unless I want to miss seeing the kids off. I mean, it might be what I have to do so that my body doesn’t demand catch-up sleep during the day. I absolutely want to see both the kiddos off in the morning… still. I’ll figure it out, incremental science at a time.

That’s pretty much the entirety of today. I napped later than I had the last two weeks of nap attacks, and didn’t really have any brain space to get into work gear with the limited time left to me. I did wake up feeling brighter though… which is just like, rude. *chuckles* So it sometimes goes in Crippleland.


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