Caught in the Act

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Poison came down my end of the couch and hollered at me to come be a lap. She actually did it twice, which rather amused me. Amused Z too, since he made a point to get photographic evidence. Bonus insult: putting his jumper over her, as he was doing to her earlier. I suspect that she felt the need to demand dotage because Batman has been coming down for cuddles lately… not that I’m complaining. Well, not much. *chuckles*

It’s been a solidly pleasant day. We had a couple of rain showers and constant breeze, which has kept the temp feeling fresh and almost chilly (just how I love it). I’ve made progress on my cross-stitch and my sock, and my mods seem to work on my current version of Sims 4… maybe this will finally be the time I can complete my one true desire — every single aspiration on a single sim. Someone took the career change stuff that Scumbumbo (rest in peace) took and incorporated it into another mod, so hopefully… hopefully.


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