End Again

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Today, she is the last day of the school year here. Smalls returned triumphant from their school trip, while Smaller got to go out in style because her team won mufti rights. They have both done very well in spite of such a weird year. Their personalities are huge, and they are both quite confident in who they are. They’ve done well and tried hard at school, and that latter bit is the only thing we ever ask of them. Their holiday, while mainly home based, is well ‘earned’.

Yeah, I can’t remember if I said it here, but we’ve had to cancel our holiday again. The situation is not safe enough for me to be out in, and early data on the Delta variant suggests a ridiculously high occurrence of Long Covid in its wake. I don’t need that on top of my chronic fatigue, yo. We’re bummed, but eh… more money for ice cream.

Anyhoos! Gonna go stare at my scarf, maybe conquer another civilization or two. Holla.


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