No Comments on Pushback

I had ordered some little baskets yesterday to help the kiddos organise their desk space. Of course, that meant that I had to see how I could apply it to mine. I managed to keep my pen cups, but they’re in the confines of a basket, *and* better organised within their cuppy holds.

I also, in the whole productivity thing, finally got lesbian flag stuff made and put in my store. Which means making it, photographing it, listing it… steps. Steps are anathema to ADHD brain, but I managed. I’m going to give credit to my crop top or something, ha ha. It’s been warm and sticky enough that I’ve been dressed down in ways I never have in my life. Which is to say, crop top and shorts. It’s nothing I’d particularly wear out of the house even if I was as thin as I was pre-kids, but to be able to sit in the house without melting? Why not.

Anyhoos. Back to Skyrim, and thinking about very little.


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