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I am entering the finishing stages of sock #2 — ish. I’m on the cuff now, which means I still have to circle back to do the heel. But that’s fine! Should be done by the end of the weekend one way or the other. Probably. In the interim, I can be amused and bemused by the fact that the balls of wool are the same dye lot, but with significant shade differences. Ah well, it’s the little things like that which make a pair of hand-knit socks special.

Past that… some progress with work things. Nice visit with Mum. I almost skipped out today because of my pulled underboob muscle. I told her that when I got there; her tone when I called to confirm our usual time made it pretty clear that she would’ve been bummed (but definitely understanding) if I had bowed out. Let’s be honest, I’d’ve been bummed too in the end.

Oh, and we ordered Smaller’s birthday computer. The Bank of Grandparent is funding this purchase (and one later in the year for Smalls), and it’s a relief that we’ve got it done and banked. Bonus: it’s going to be here next week, rather than in the few weeks from now that I figured it would be (hence ordering now, to avoid birthday disappointment). Cheekily, that means that I can start thinking about *my* replacement desktop in earnest. We more or less have it specc’d out, but Z is good at fine tooth combing to make sure everything is as good as possible. And, to my amusement, my current desktop has stopped it’s Dead Cow Lament the last couple of mornings when I turned it on… I guess it knows that its days our numbered.

I’m off — have a goodun.


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