Not a Magpie

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(And not violas yesterday — pansies! Remembered this morning, ha ha)

I was around at Mum’s house earlier to knit and chat a bit. I was standing in the kitchen, and I saw a lovely huge magpie in the birdbath. Of course, the fucker flew off in the time it took me to get my phone, but ANYWAYS. I took some pictures of the garden in general, ’cause showing off Mum’s garden is one of my absolute favourite things to do. I commented today that part of its charm is that it’s this gorgeous balance of cultivated and wild, and just. It’s a happy place. I’m glad it’s something I have ready access to, even if I don’t spend lots of time in it.

Past that, the usual work and knitting and gaming. Mum was very impressed to see my progress on the scarf; I only have 25 rows left at current. She feels it’s been a good project for me, and perhaps? It’s been nice challenging myself to see how quickly I could do it without completely destroying my brain. I look forward to getting it done this weekend.

And now, I’m off.


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