Not Bluebonnets

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There’s all these bluebells springing up all over the village. I love them, even if they’re not bluebonnets (the state flower of Texas). I’m a sucker for blue flowers of pretty much any stripe, to include some of my favourite rose cultivars.

Today has been the usual rag — work, bit of game, bit of knit. I’m well on my way to getting 20 rows done today, which will hopefully be more like 30. I’ve got dinner in my stomach, so that’s one less distraction sorted.

Oh, the one different — we received our invites to get our second dose of the COVID vaccine! We’re booked in for next week, and well. I’m both excited and not… ambivalent in the truest sense. I’ll be happy to be afforded the extra protection, but I’m not about to start going out places and doing things and hugging people. I *might* like… I don’t know, see if E wants to come over on an evening and knit with me once we’re dosed and past the 2 week window. That would be cool.

Also Covid-related — Z and I have been invited to take part in a second ONS COVID study. The one we’re doing with the girls is throat swabs; this one is blood. The girls can’t do it because they’re under 18, but we’re amenable to taking part. Will we get extra cash money? Well, we didn’t ask. If we do, bonus. If not, we’d’ve been happy to do it for science anyways. Because science. 😀

Right, I’m off.


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