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I made a point recently to pull out my ancient headband of old to try and get the dust/fur off of it. I vaguely succeeded, enough to feel happy putting it on my head. I realised this morning that I’ve had this particular headband for 19 years. It’s two of two; the first one got sat on by a boyfriend who disliked it anyways, but he sure AF bought me a replacement. I don’t really know what got me back into headbands again recent time, but it is what it is.

It’s been a good day, all told. I got the laundry pushed through without remembering at the last minute. I’ve made good progress on my scarf; I’m on row #47 of the day. Game-wise, I’ve done a bit of Project Hospital, and been working on a hardcore seasonal Barbarian in Diablo 3. So that’s been fun-ish. Z has been poking at his regular Seasonal character, so hopefully we can get some rifts run together so I can tick my last box on the complete Season journey. I know that if/when I do it US-side, I’ve got a few people I can tap to help me out, so. Party? Party.

Right, I’m off. Laters!


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