Very Aesthetic

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So, y’all have probably noticed the profusion of toys on the top of my shelving unit. Sometimes, the little ones shake off if I jostle the desk, and that happened earlier. That’s a littleĀ Minecraft chest, where I keep the sword and boy that came with my toys. I also, as y’all can see, keep a random tiny unicorn I got playing arcade games on the Isle of Wight one year. I figure… stabby-stabby unicorn.. is very me. *chuckles*

Today has been alright for the most part. Got some work done, and managed to push the headache back a smidge more. I think that yeah, dehydration has probably been a factor. The last couple of months… the last year… all of it has thrown me off my normally excellent water consumption game. I mean, I still have a headache, and yeah, it’s still severe… but it feels like it might actually respond to pain meds if I threw some in my face.

Anyhoos, wrapping this up — got a mountain of clean laundry upstairs to process.


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