Laser Quest

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I recently moved one of our ‘house lasers’ to my desk, ’cause the cats love chasing ’em. Poison can’t really make out the one I’m using, whether it’s the colour or just me needing to change the batteries… well, I guess I’ll know when I change the batteries. In the interim, Batman is having a blast. He’s taken to jumping up to try and catch the laser at source, which is what I was trying to get a picture of. Instead, you get a blep. Bleps are good!

Past that, today’s excitement was a co-worker dropping off my new card reader and card. I ended up cleaning my area thoroughly to find the missing card, so it was a relief to see that both had come in to the office. They’re configured and ready to get partying tomorrow, oooh yeah. *laughs*

Right, I’m off. Laters!


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