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I’m kind of worn out right now, when the only thing I’ve did-done was photograph and list some bracelets. If I’m honest, I should probably redo the photos because they all got way too much bright light exposure going for them, but they work in a pinch. I’ll see if I can rouse myself to looking at them again tomorrow, but I’m definitely not up to it again today.

But yeah, good day on the whole. Smaller had a virtual playdate with her bestie and bestie’s dad. They were playing Worms W.M.D., and let me tell you folx — there is nothing cuter than a small bloodthirsty girlchild. They were both just like… hilarious. They’re a great pair in general, so adding cackling and death taunts is definitely charming in its own way.

Right, gonna go digest dinner, zone out, and knit a wee bit.


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