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While the temperature on paper hasn’t been particularly lower than normal, the planet has tilted enough that it feels a lot colder. I was slightly surprised to see my own breath in the middle of the day as I walked to the postbox. That cleared up after a few steps, but still. We’re apparently getting nearly to freezing overnight tonight, which I’m pretty sure is the first time of this season. I know that they were forecasting snow for some of the more northern parts of the union this week, so. We’ll see. For the most part, I’m happiest in the colder and darker parts of the year, so all about getting this party started.

Past that, didn’t get a lot of work done. I was helping Z trying to see if we could get him a PS5, as he didn’t get lucky during the pre-orders. Well, we didn’t get lucky today either, even with both of us trying. I get that they don’t want to make so many units that they rot in a warehouse, but I really feel like both Playstation and Microsoft vastly underestimated the demand, *especially* with the current lockdown situation. So I don’t know if we’re going to be able to get him one this side of Christmas, but fingers crossed.

What else… making bracelets, as the clear beads I ordered came in today. They’re smaller than the sparkle beads I’ve got coming from China, but they will work quite well for now. I need to figure out pricing and how I want to do photographs, but I’ll worry about that not today. Weekend is good enough for that.

Right, gonna go zone out now. Laters!


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