Eat My Dust

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Actually, don’t eat it, ’cause it’s plastic remnants, and those aren’t particularly tasty or good for you. I’m probably more plastic/acrylic than woman these days, with all the drilling I’ve been doing. *laughs*

I’ve also just ordered an ungodly amount of beads from China. Like, over a kilo and a half, because the price is ridiculously good if the duty free claim is accurate, and because they are ones I chuffing love. I’ll probably regret it once I have to figure out where to store them, but that’s a problem for future Raeyn to deal with.

Past that… Smalls had a good day of working hard. She had a proper full curriculum from her teacher to complete, though her teacher also made sure to stress that the kids didn’t have to do everything-everything unless we made them. Smalls is happy enough doing her schoolwork, and she’s loving having us to herself for the first time in x years, even if having us to herself is still us having to work while she’s also working, or on her own steam.

I also bought her a pressie that came today — a notebook to put her stories in. Except I bought a three-pack somehow, so now I have a new notebook, as does Littler. It was a fiver for the three-pack, so like… good value for money. I don’t *need* another notebook… but I always want more.

Right, I’m off. Have a good eve, y’all.


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