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Z had spotted a set of super-cute Among Us plushes on Amazon… which meant that we had to, of course, buy them. The original plan was to gift them to the entire fam for Christmas… but like we could make it that long. We waited until both the girls were home, and then hid them around the house for them to find. Which, of course, they did within a few hours. Smaller found one, then Smalls opined that she wanted one, and then the hunt was on. Orange was actually the last one found, as it was hidden without being hidden, there amongst other plushies.

Past that, nothing much to report. Smalls had a good day at home working on school stuff. Her teacher called to check in, and forwarded a rather comprehensive schedule for tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. And we got some degree of work done as well, so yay?

Right, time to chase the littler one off to bed, and resume arting.


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