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It’s finally happened — one of the students at the girls’ school has tested positive for Covid. It’s a person in Small’s class, so she’s off for two weeks. Apparently, our school is one of the last in the country to have anyone test positive, so hey… good. Ish. Smaller still gets to go to school unless any of us start showing symptoms; getting the results of the most recent round of Covid testing is going to be *very* interesting.

Past that… bathed! FINALLY! Like, no spoons at all to deal with it lately, even if the after-effects are wonderful *pets hair*. But I had two orders I needed to run to the postbox, and I couldn’t bear going out a second day in a row with my hair decidedly greasy. So yeah, this was captured on that walk. It was nicely overcast, but not threatening to rain… perfection.

Right so, what else. Sorry I’ve fallen off the wagon here for a few days. This was, legit, the longest break I’ve had on any one regularly maintained blog in over 11 years. I’m gonna try to make myself do it earlier in the afternoon/evening in the hopes that I don’t brainfog forget about it.

And for now, back to doing some drilling. I’ve got some beads coming in this week to pair up with dice for a range of pride bracelets to complement the existing necklaces, so might as well get some of the heavy lifting done in advance. 😀


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