Feline Mockery

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Ever since getting my new chair, Batman has cranked up the clinginess. There’s not a wide enough-low enough top for him to get on, so he just refuses to try to get on my chair at all. Instead it’s all like, mom you need to keep a hand down towards the ground for me to batter against, otherwise you’re not momming right. Sigh? Very sigh. I try to give him lots of pets and affection, but his level of ‘needy’ (wanty, really ¬¬) is doing heckuva damage on my ability to focus on work things.

But eh, it’s Friday, so hooray for that. I don’t have any particular plans for this weekend, so maybe I’ll, le gasp, actually pick up my knitting. Or I might just drill out lots of dice for future consideration. I’m starting to build up some love calluses on my fingers and the palm of my left hand, which of course, makes doing the things easier. I figure that I could do some bracelets, but then I have to determine what to charge based on the whole, hahaha this is hard on the hand, but I don’t want to charge too much, etc.

Right, gonna go digest dinner, think about crafty things, and generally zone out.


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